Blackboard Business Solutions

Blackboard Business Solutions aims to create and develop solutions customized for our clients. Our expertise is software development. We have a key mission statement: Turn Software into Business Solutions.

Blackboard Business Solutions develop customized business software applications and Business Intelligence solutions through software development.

Organisations often force companies, to use fixed products with a degree of customization. Our approach as a result is different. Once we understand the business, its relevant inner workings and intrinsic difficulties we develop custom solutions. Consequently driving the strategic intent and optimization for value adding delivery.

Most noteworthy, our unique design approach allows us to deliver solutions. As a result, driving the organization to new levels of effectiveness, efficiency, lean operations and especially relevant, still staying true to its core values.

Blackboard Business Solutions approach entails the following:
  1. Understand the strategic goal and vision of the company.
  2. Gather needs and perceptions that should be considered as part of the design.
  3. Create the Customer Value Proposition.
  4. Understand the customer and delivery journey.
  5. Develop architecture and process designs.
  6. Deliver the solution through our Agile development approach.
  7. Perform continuous change management and business readiness assessments for effective implementation.
  8. Track Business Benefits and ultimately provide input back into Strategy as the value proposition unfolds.
Blackboard Business Solutions Vision:

Our Vision is to be the paramount service provider of business optimization solutions.In Addition, valuing our people, investing in our human capital,  and as a result in the community at large.

Blackboard Business Solutions Mission:
  • Create a working environment in addition to optimal performance, work/life balance, that is unparalleled in conclusion, still achieving our vision.
  • Deliver unique and effective solutions to our clients customized to their needs and optimized for advanced performance of their business.
  • Fulfill our social responsibility while creating opportunities and providing training.
Blackboard Business Solutions Values
  • Empowering our People: Every employee must be held accountable for their quality and efficiency of work. In addition we strive to create an environment and a reputation that our employees could relate to and be proud off. We encourage our people to take an interest in learning and development in order to advance their careers and take them to new heights.
  • Pre-eminent services: Constantly clarifying what is expected, reviewing progress and keeping others informed. Following effective policies and procedures, striving for consistency. Constantly improving how we do things
  • Collaboration: First of all to provide the right solution we know and understand that close collaboration and effective communication with our clients are key. This is essential to understanding the requirements, the areas of improvement and the specifics of the requirements. While valuing internal collaboration and collaboration with our partners, we most of all value pre-eminent service.
  • Integrity: Honesty & Transparency underpins our perpetual quest for unwavering integrity. Treating others with respect and adhering to codes of good conduct is imperative to us.
  • Sustainability: We strive to create sustainability with our solutions, our reputation and our value add to our clients, our people, and the community at large.