Blackboard Bi Analysis

First of all, Blackboard Analysis is a reporting and collaboration tool that was developed to integrate with ABB Ellipse.

The main benefit of the tool is the ability for users to access and analyse a single version of the truth. Furthermore, you will be able to interact and share the same data that is used for operational and tactical reporting.

As a result this tool offers you functionality like scheduling, alerting, dash-boarding and balanced score cards.

Blackboard Analysis is hosted or installed locally, in addition to the Ellipse schema or the Analytics Star schema.

After implementing Ellipse EAM, how do you get information out for Analysis/ Reporting?

This tool is a scalable prebuilt, business intelligence framework for enabling organisations to get value out of their investment in Ellipse.

Blackboard Analysis consists of all the components your organization needs to build a Business Intelligence competency. Consequently manage performance, alarm exceptions, empowering users and increase return on investment.

Our tool integrates seamlessly with ABB Ellipse, furthermore ships with standard Ellipse operational reports, Management Dashboards and Strategic Balanced Score Cards. This tool allows for a Rapid Deployment. It furthermore includes, scoping, blue print, implementation, configuration, training and continues improvement.

Our solution includes standard content derived from years of intellectual property.

Components that makes up Blackboard Analysis Reporting:
  • Report Designer and Collaboration Portal.
  • ETL scripts and star-schema
  • Strategic Management Dashboards
  • Tactical reports available in Web, PDF and Excel format
  • Data extractions
  • Exception reporting
  • Operational reporting
  • Data Quality Monitor
  • Configuration and Control

The Blackboard Analysis Portal opens the door to a variety of functions.  Especially relevant, Managing, strategic reporting, like Balanced Score Cards and Dashboards. It includes profile specific security, promotion of content and metadata management of business rules.

In Conclusion, it is all about collaboration and preemptive awareness.

The Scheduling and Alerting functionality of Blackboard Analysis is also exceptional.  It makes it possible to notify users of overspending when a transaction occurs as well as notifying the process owner of exceptions, etc.

Key Benefits
  • Pre-built content
  • Ellipse Integration
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Blackboard Analysis Methodology
  • 3 Tier Management
  • Scalability
  • Immediate ROI

Finally this tool well deserves, of giving you a optimal experience on dashboarding.

In Conclusion, Blackboard Analysis makes reporting easy to understand and to use.